In AFRO Gallery we have collected various pieces of furniture,
design and art from around the world.
The items are displayed for view at a spacious showroom
located at the very heart of the famous Flea Market in Jaffa.

The items found in the Gallery are made of wood, metal, textile and leather.
All items are hand-made. We excel in finding the right items,
in terms of size and look, to match Western-world living-rooms.

The wood is manually treated with primitive tools,
and enriched with hand-made details characterized by asymmetry,
to reveal the age and authenticity of the piece.

The Gallery holds, among other things, sofas, couches and ottomans,
all carefully selected to stylishly complement any modern, eclectic home.

The Gallery offers various design solutions,
as well as fantastic assorted items from all around the world.

We, at the Gallery, work closely with each client to achieve
the required customized and personalized final look.
We use quality cotton fabrics and natural materials,
and add the required colors and finishes, to achieve a harmonized combination
between the old and primal and the new and modern.


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